High School Exchange Programs

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Learn a new language, experience life in another country


As one of the oldest and largest international student exchange organizations, ASSE is able to offer the most comprehensive high school exchange programs with the lowest possible fees.

  • We offer the largest number of countries
  • You choose where you spend your exchange year
  • You are not required to know the language of your host country
  • Our fees are the lowest of any high school exchange program
  • Many scholarships are available
  • Minimum GPA 2.7
  • Semester, year and summer language programs offered

Where can you study?

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The French schools are among the best in the world but although they place heavy emphasis on academics, you will still find some sports and drama opportunities at your “lycee”.


In Spain, experience the emphasis on family and friendship. You’ll enjoy meals with every family member present, and a lifestyle that allows for a two hour lunch in the middle of the day.

South Korea

You will live with a traditional Korean host family and learn about their values and their strong sense of duty and responsibility, while you become familiar with new unique foods.

... and many more!

“I would describe my year as life changing and amazing. I would say that I found myself feeling at home in a completely different country. I have two families now, my natural family and my other family. “

– Kayleigh, ASSE Alumni, Germany 2016