Fees & Terms


2023/24 Fees and Terms*

All candidates for acceptance in the ASSE Exchange Program must complete a Pre-Application Form and pay a Preliminary Application Fee of $300. This Preliminary Application Fee is non-refundable. Consideration for acceptance and country of preference will be based upon your qualifications and the date of receipt of your application

August/September 2024 Departure ***

Spring 2025 Departure ***

July 2024 Departure

July 2024 Departure

Priced and payable in Canadian Dollars

Program fees include:

  • Round trip international airfare from New York to Europe and South Africa, from Miami to Brazil and Argentina, from Los Angeles to Asia/Pacific. (Summer and Year programs between USA, Canada, and Mexico exclude airfare),
  • comprehensive health, accidental death and travel insurance,
  • host family recruitment and screening,
  • non-English speaking country language training (School Year and Semester Programs only),
  • and orientation.

Program fees exclude:

  • domestic travel from home to international gateway city (special “youth fares” available upon request),
  • passport and visa fees,
  • school uniforms (if required), 
  • educational/recreational overnight field trips, 
  • school lunch money (if necessary), and pocket money.

* Program fees subject to change due to major exchange rate or airfare fluctuations. 

** Due to variances in host country school start and end date, program group departures, compatibility with home country and host country school terms, availability of suitable volunteer host families, etc. School Year and Semester Programs may start before or after host country school start dates and may finish before or after host country school end dates.

*** Semester programs available to most year destinations. 

† Program fee excludes airfare

Fee Schedule




Preliminary Application and Fee

Submitted as soon as possible. This Preliminary Application Fee is non-refundable


Final Application Packet and Program Fee Deposit

Submitted Prior to: 

Summer Programs: $950
School Year and Semester: $2,000

Final Payment of Program Fees*

Submitted Prior to: 

*Final Program Fee payment by cashier’s cheque, money order, bank transfer or credit card (Visa, Mastercard or American Express). 

Refund Policy

  • Preliminary application fee refundable if applicant is not accepted by ASSE.
  • Program fee deposit refundable if applicant is not accepted by ASSE or not granted ASSE scholarship.
  • Program fee deposit less $750, any airline fees and host country cancellation fees, refundable if ASSE receives cancellation in writing at least 90 days prior to departure.
  • Program fees less deposit, airline fees and host country cancellation fees refundable if ASSE receives written cancellation within 60 days of departure date.
  • No refunds subsequent to departure for program.
  • $400 penalty, plus any airline imposed penalties/fees, for any exchange student not returning home on the international flight with his/her group.

10% reduction in Program Fees (excluding Preliminary Application Fee) for early school
year program application. Please see page 21 for details.

10% reduction in Program Fees if your family is hosting an ASSE/WH Exchange Student
the same program year.

Discounts are not cumulative.