High School


You have probably felt the urge to do something different?

To chart your own path? Life isn’t only about what you see and do in your own country, hometown or school, or even with your friends. What is beyond? You need to challenge yourself, to take a chance. For a school year (or even for a few weeks) you can dare to be different!

If you become an ASSE exchange student abroad, you will experience life in another culture and make close friends in your host country. Sit in the small cafés, play sports, shop in the same outdoor markets; these are things tourists miss, and this is where you really discover the way of life in another country, with all its subtleties.

The Program

A year or a semester away can’t be measured in days alone. You’ll only be gone for a school year, but the experience will enrich the rest of your life. Living in another country for a year is something most people never have the opportunity to do. You’ll return with new knowledge, cultural understanding, maturity and lifelong friends from your host country. Read more…


What makes an exchange student different?  When someone leaves the familiar behind and plunges into the unknown, he or she is showing a commitment to understanding other people, to learning about the world in a way that textbooks and school assignments never reveal. A year spent abroad is a year that will redefine your world. Read more…